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a distance. if you were president obama, what choice would you make? i'd like to hear your succinct and considered response. write me at or on facebook. i promise to read every response. >>> let's turn now to another big story most of us know even less about than drones. tpp, the trans-pacific partnership. it's a trade agreement the united states is negotiating with australia, canada, japan and eight other countries in the pacific region. if you don't know about the tpp, and few do, it's because the powerful people behind it, including president obama, don't want you to know. the negotiations are shrouded in secrecy, and once they are completed, obama wants to rush the agreement through congress, fast-tracking, they call it, with our elected representatives given the choice only of voting it up or down. last year, over 130 members of congress asked the white house for more transparency about what's being negotiated and were essentially told to go fly a kite. you can be sure of this, however. a select group of corporate partners, companies like generax electric, goldma
when you can. welcome. the biggest overhaul of american health care in 50 years. president obama spoke in boston, trying to reassure americans. went before aius congressional committee to explain those glitches. warm welcome for president obama. in what felt like a campaign stop, the commander-in-chief served as advisor in chief. >> today the health insurance companies have to abide by some of the strongest consumer protection ever known. >> back on capitol hill, it was the president's health secretary kathleen sibelius in the spotlight. in front of a congressional committee, she was forced to address american frustrations of the website failures weeks into the launch. better.eserve i apologize. i am accountable to you for fixing these problems. >> even as she spoke those who tried to log on to got a familiar error message. >> obamacare was signed into law 1002 hundred 56 days ago. since then there have been use their problem after user problem after user problem. >> they demanded to know who is to blame. >> who is responsible for overseeing this project? is it you or yo
executive order by president obama requiring local governments and federal agencies to account for climate change when they undertake big new projects. for more, we're joined from washington by margaret tolive. if we're just catching up here, what were those changes? what was the executive order saying? >> so the executive order is telling federal agencies and local governments and especially federal agencies to analyze all of the risks that climate change may have to their missions and what they do, to talk about what they are already doing and what they should be doing and sets up a task force to put all of these suggestions and recommendations together and analysis over the next nine months. >> does the forecast have any teeth or how does it work across the different agencies? >> what is interesting about this task force is it is laying down the policy inside the obama administration for the sort of stuff he can't do through congress and so the real question comes to funding. we need "x" amount of dollars to rebridge this bridge, shore up this shoreline, work on roads and infrastructure
. >> the greatest place on earth. >> president obama said it over and over. if you like your insurance plan you could keep it. the health care act will not change that. it turns out that millions of americans who are buying limited coverage are receiving letters after all. the president's response. >> if you're getting one of these letters, shop around in the new marketplace. you will get a better deal. >> the law requires that health insurance now covers hospital, maternity, mental health, and prescription drugs. >> if insurers decide it is a downgrade we said under the law you have to replace them with quality, comprehensive coverage. >> why not tell that to the american people to begin with? >> that is a good question. >> thank you. i thought so. >> you ask a lot of good questions. i do not think there is an answer. it obviously was not true. that is it. >> why put yourself behind the eight ball like this? >> it was a campaign and for 98% of people it was true. but it is not for the 3% and we are hearing from them and it is a big embarrassment for the white house. >> when did he know it was
. >> rose: prime minister of iraq nouri al-maliki met with president obama in washington earlier today, he is seeking assistance in dealing with increasing levels of sectarian violence in his country, there is concern that civil war gripping syria may spread across the border into iraq, the trance national al qaeda group the islamic state of iraq and greater syria operating in both countries, joining us for the conversation about iraq today in washington, d.c., david ignatius, the of the washington post, robin wright a joint in the institute of basis and woodrow wilson center, stanford, fouad ajami is a fellow senior at the hoover institute. >> and dexter filkins of the new yorker magazine, i am pleased to have all of them to have this discussion. what is going on in washington and the conversation between the prime minister of iraq and the president of the united states, fouad? >> to be honest with you, charlie, i wouldn't have given mr. maliki the meeting with president obama, i think it was a mistake. the idea you have this man now running for a third term in iraq. he had a term in 2006
, as you say, we had the pakistani prime minister mr. sharif, in washington meeting president obama. one of the issues they discussed was drones. the pakistani government has very vocally opposed the drone campaign even though there are many indications that in private they have approved at least some of these strikes. there's also been a lot of attention recently from human rights groups about civilian casualties. the u.s. government claims that the drone campaign is extremely accurate, has killed very few people, but amnesty international brought out a report last week which suggested that in one instance a 67-year-old grandmother was killed. in another, 18 laborers were accidentally killed as they waited to take a meal at the end of the day. so it's a very contentious program but for the c.i.a. this is certainly -- or for the american government, rather, this is a way to show the campaign can also be extremely accurate and can take out people who are a danger not only to the united states but also to pakistan. >> woodruff: so in terms of knowing whether the government of pakistan woul
, the health and human services chief acre cements blame for the botched rollout of the obama care website as the president argues the law is really a good thing, but what does the affordable care act mean if you're covered under an employer plan? >>> pops and drops, stocks, bonds, gold and the dollar all on the move after the fed said it will keep the stimulus in place. but is it what the central bank didn't say that really drove the market? >> facebook, the social network reports strong profits and the stock jumps, what investors need to know about facebook's financials. all that and more tonight on "nightly business report" for wednesday, october 30th. >>> good evening everyone. we begin with president obama on the defensive speaking from boston, the president tried to drum up support for the troubled health care program. he chose samuel hall where a massachusetts health care plan was signed into law seven years ago and considered a successful template for the president's own affordable care act. he admitted to problems with his health care website and that people are getting cancellati
over the health care bill, what is now called obama care. the overwhelming majority of the democrats in both the house and the senate wanted a public option. they wanted some kind of medicare for all. and it was only a handful of democrats, the corporate democrats led by max baucus. >> from montana. >> yes. >> who was chairman of the banking and finance committee. >> that's right. so, a small group of democrats, the corporate democrats were able to thwart the public will and have a public option. so, i don't think you can blame the entire democratic party. it is true that big business has an important role to play in the democratic party. and i think that's why we got robert rubin and we got tim geithner and we got the kinds of people that have. >> clinton democrats? >> the clinton democrats. and i think that's why obama picked, i think, the wrong people to be his financial advisors when he came into office. >> but there are with all due respect very few signs of leadership on a progressive agenda in congress, in washington for workers, for consumers or the environment. the congressi
as chairmen. janet yellen nominated by president obama to be the next head of the fed is expected to have the confirmation hearing in the senate begin on november 14th. even though kentucky senator ran paul says he'll oppose yellen's nomination unless the full senateç votes on his bill supporting more transparency, yellen is expected to win the senate's approval. >>> fiezer reported earnings that beat estimates and that's where we begin market focus. cost costs and a jump in sales of cancer drugs helped deliver strong results but global sales fell because of competition for generic drugs like cholesterol fighter lip tore and the good out weighed the bad. it hit $31.29, the stock is up almost 23% this year. >>> a big earnings beat from linked in after re knew close. the social networking site reported progress in transitioning to mobile devices. but the company did issue a conservative revenue forecast for the fourth quarter and full year that pushed down the stock in after hours trading. in the regular session, it rose to $247 and change. >>> goodyear tires shares tumbled after reportin
's going to happen, what has to happen, for this health care system to work as president obama has promised us that it will, is that a lot of healthy people are going to have to sign up for these exchanges along with sick people. we know that people with pre-existing conditions, with illnesses, we know that they are very motivated and they are going to sit there and do whatever it takes to get into these exchanges. now the question is, is it going to function well enough that young healthy people will as well? gwen: we know that right now, young healthy people or anybody can't really get on the site. and that the administration is guilty of at least overstating whether people would be able to keep the coverage they want right now. >> one of the things that has emerged and we've all read about it and probably know people who've talked about this is that there are a small but sizable number of americans, a percentage that's roughly 5%, are in the individual market, that have gotten letters from their insurance companies. private insurance companies. these are the plans that they supposedly li
. ♪ >> in a meeting with iraq's prime minister nouri al-maliki this afternoon, president obama says he wants the countries to be strong partners. with increased violence across iraq, there is a question that the united states is willing to offer greater assistance to secure the country. now maliki would like more military aid, including advisers to train security forces. for more on what the u.s. should do, i spoke with america's former ambassador to iraq a short time ago. should prime minister nouri al- maliki get the military aid he is asking for? >> he should, but with conditions. >> what should they be? >> you cannot win the battle by military and intelligence means alone. you have to have a political vision and political accountability. you have to go after not only those in other ranks who are terrorists but you have to go after people in your own ranks in the government who are oppressing some of these people. >> a rax prime minister is blaming syria for this uptick in violence. is he right to do that or is a convenient? >> he is right to do that, but the middle east is a mess. strugg
said president obama was briefed about the effort in 2010, much earlier than previously reported. the nsa denied mr. obama was briefed that far back. while at the white house spokesman jay carney said the president recognizes the need for additional constraints on gathering and using intelligence. >> and we're also reviewing these programs because the president believes it's very important that even as they look to keep america and americans safe, that they do so in a way that reflects the sincere concerns about privacy that americans have and that our allies have. >> back in berlin germany's interior minister would not rule out expelling u.s. diplomats. >> already in july i said during my talks in washington that it would be absolutely unbearable for us if german law was broken on german ground. now it turns out that this was the case. >> reporter: which made it nearly certain that the fallout is far from over and that difficult talks lie ahead. to that end a delegation of u.s. lawmakers plans to journey to brussels soon. >> ifill: we'll have more on how intelligence-gathering i
. >> reporter: toward the end of the hearing, the white house released a statement saying president obama has complete confidence in secretary sebelius. >> ifill: we'll hear some of what the president had to say today about the health care roll-out, right after the news summary. the federal reserve announced today it's keeping short-term interest rates at a record low, and continuing its stimulus efforts for now. but, the central bank did not repeat last month's warning that higher mortgage rates could hurt economic growth. the statement made no reference to the economic impact of last month's 16-day government shutdown. wall street took those omissions the dow jones industrial average lost 61 points to close at 15,618. the nasdaq fell more than 21 points to close at 3,930. house and senate negotiators opened budget talks today aimed at easing automatic, across-the- board spending cuts. the two budget committee chairs- - republican congressman paul ryan and democratic senator patty murray said they hoped to get a deal, but the prospect of raising taxes remains a sticking point. >> simply taki
for the moment. i do think that the rest of the world when they look at congress, and they look at obama i think on the specific thing of what happened in washington this time around, they tend to blame the republicans more than obama so they tend to -- >> i think outside you just pick it up from talking to politicians there is a general sympathy with him. i think the area where they have less sympathy with him is in terms of geopolitical leadership. they don't, to some extent the george bush excuse is now over, if he is, if his great achievement is to be somewhat nicer or more polite and get out of iraq or afghanistan and. >> rose: and to talk more. >> and talk more and listen more which he is good at listening, other people -- >> rose: most of the leaders you hear in terms of whatever -- >> everyone's cellphones conversations -- >> rose: no, no. >> it is always a notion with respect to america that, you know, they don't respect us, enough so that they listen to us. >> i think a lot of other leaders see obama as somewhat detached from things, you look at what happens in the middle east and the
talking about his heart transplant surgery and foreign policy issues including trusting president obama. >> rose: you don't believe the president of the united states, do you. >> no. >> rose: you don't believe he has the best interest in the united states in terms of our national security in the middle east. >> i don't believe he does. >> rose: and you don't believe his word can gee trusted. >> correct. >> rose: that's serious. >> it certainly is. >> rose: to say that to the president of the united states. >> that's right. >> rose: in a democratic country. >> i think this president is doing damage to our standing, to our capacity to influence events. we are rapidly eroding our ability to have any impact on what's going on in the middle east. i've lived with this disease for 35 years. >> rose: you knew you would die. >> i knew i would die of heart disease. my father had and i expected to but when that time came i was at peace. there was no pain involved or discomfort. it was not frightening. i wanted to talk to my family about final arrangements. it was more difficult for them tha
president obama has broken his promise that americans would be able to keep their existing health plans if they wanted them. ways and means committee chairman dave camp bore in on that point. >> this man wrote he and said "my wife has been recently informed by her insurance carrier that her health care policy does not comply with the affordable care act. now we must purchase a new policy to get the same coverage at an 18% increase in our premium. so what happened to the "if you like your insurance you can keep it" question? >> now if, in fact, the issuer has decided to change the plan, didn't have to, but plans were grandfathered in in 2010 and if they offer new plans they have to come in to the requirements of the affordable care act. so what i wouldel that individual is if their carrier is telling them they're changing the plan and they're offering an increase, that they would need to go take a look at what's available in their state and in their market which is certainly something that's available to them through the exchange. >> reporter: democrats have joined in criticizing the hea
arabia's unhappiness with the obama administration burst into full flower as we recall a couple of weeks ago with blind quotes and attributed quote to its intelligence chief voicing such displeasure over the u.s. what they see as president obama's flip-flop on whether or not to strike syria over chemical weapons, for one. and two, it's now very vigorous pursuit of negotiations with iran. so for saudi t is really all about the big struggle for power in the region between itself and iran. and there's definitely a doubt about the steadfastness of the u.s.. >> ifill: so is it real anger or diplomatic anger? >> that's much debated. there is real anger on the issues and you heard that from the foreign minister today, who really ticked them off. and he said at one point there are ticking time bombs that cannot just be managed and managed endlessly. about syria and iran. but i'm reliably told that the sawed saudies despite the threats in the earlier stories, they don't plan to try to totally go-it-alone in funding and giving arms to rebels in syriament because they think only the u.s. actually h
, president obama and congress. >>> and one of of the country's big home builders is where we begin the focus, tri-point homes is buying it for $2.7 billion, the transaction will give tri-point access to land in key markets and make the company one of the ten biggest markets in the united states. the shares rose to 15.16, wearhouse up a fraction, to 3730. and shares of cisco rose, the giant faced higher food profits and business, which was down from last year, the stock went up more than 4% to 33.96. >>> and active investment certainly working for icahn, they say now is the time to be an activist investor because of local rates and management at u.s. companies. shares at icahn rose to 108.95. and a comeback helped vulcan. their net income more than doubled in the third quarter, revenues trumped consensus. the stock became the best performing stock in the s&p 500 today. >>> and lululemon's problems surfaced again today. they are hit with complaints that some of their pants are see-through, shares plummeted when they had to recall their new line. shares rose 2% to 69.33. >>> and we've all heard
: just signed, the obama overseer says their measurements are showing that page loads are taking less than 1 second on average across the site. but here at use egg testing they are seeing wide disparities and kansas city, kansas, pretty good, 4 seconds but next door in kansas city, missouri, it was taking over 30 seconds. to improve your own experience, they suggest making sure you have the latest version of your web browser. clearing your cashe history and of tim miezing the connection and make sure you're not slowed down by sharing wi-fi for example. health officials vow the site will work smoothly by the end of this month. >> they will see a surge of activity they better plan for. >> reporter: because the stakes are too high now for another failure. bertha coombs, "nightly business report." >>> still ahead, a kodak moment. the iconic brand is back on the big board but how does it company differ from the old and is it a good investment? >>> who says you can't go home again? kodak emerged from bankruptcy and traded again today on the new york stock exchange but as hampton pearson rep
in the white house. it's not clear what president obama knew about the surveillance of foreign leaders, but it is awkward and may even force a change in policy. >> we give them policy direction but what we've seen over the last two years is the capacity continues to develop and expand which is why i'm initiating a review now to make sure that was a are able to do does not necessarily mean it is what they should be doing. >> washington's defense of the surveillance program is that everyone spies on everyone and a ay -- anyway but this is question of scale. nobody does a as big as america. >> i spoke with democratic congressman brad sherman who sits on the foreign affairs committee. mr. sherman, thank you for joining me. did you hear anything in the hearings today that justified to you what the surveillance programs might have been doing think you have a series of interconnected and somewhat reckless decisions. of first was to give many the 500,000 people a security clearance access to far more information than they would have had before we began chanting that we need to connect the dots
with a meeting with president obama and others. the pedester booked his appearance on our program and called us this morning and said he could not be there because of scheduling conflicts. we hope he will come to this program another time. we will do a program either tomorrow night or next week about iraq and the united states, and iraq's relationship with iran. tonight, ricardo salinas and costa-gavras next. captioning sponsored by rose communications from our studios in new york city, this is charlie rose. on. >> rose: ricardo salinas is here. he's the ceo of group owe salinas. in 1987 he took over his family business which operates shops and electronics. it extenned dramatically under his leadership and has more than 2-bgsz 800 outlets and provides loans at 12.5 million account hoards. found television azteca in 1993 and wrote mexico's television monopoly. he owns half of the third largest wireless telecommunication company in mexico. all of this has helped him become one of the richest men in the world close to $10 billion. i'm pleased to have him here at this table for the first time. wel
Search Results 0 to 25 of about 26 (some duplicates have been removed)